Matatalab “Animation” Add-on

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Elevate the Matatalab experience with the “Animation” Add-on, allowing young minds to delve into coding through animated stories.

  • Compatible with Matatalab kits.
  • Introduces coding through animated storytelling.
  • Enhances creativity by combining coding and animation.
  • Includes a variety of animated characters and scenes.
  • Promotes imaginative and interactive learning.
  • Fosters storytelling, language skills, and logical thinking.

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Matatalab “Animation” Add-on: Unleashing Creative Magic in Every Frame


? Dive into Digital Storytelling Empower your learners to bring stories to life with the Matatalab “Animation” Add-on. This add-on is your key to unlocking a vivid world of digital animation, where imagination knows no bounds.



Illuminate Ideas, Frame by Frame Let young animators craft their narratives, one frame at a time. This journey of storytelling fosters creativity, planning, and sequential thinking – essential skills for the future.

? Vibrant Visuals, Endless Possibilities Whether it’s colorful characters, dynamic backdrops, or fluid movements, the “Animation” Add-on offers an expansive canvas for ideas to take shape and stories to unfold.



? Robots Meet Reels Integrate the “Animation” add-on with your Matatalab robot, and witness the synthesis of robotics and animation. It’s an experience that bridges the gap between technology and artistry.

? Interactive Film Making From concept to creation, young learners are at the helm of their animation projects. Witness the thrill of seeing their stories play out on screen, all powered by their creativity and the Matatalab ecosystem.

? User-Friendly Interface Simplicity meets sophistication. Even with no prior experience in animation, the intuitive design ensures that kids can jump right in and start animating!



? Collaborative Creativity Animation is more fun when shared. Encourage teamwork, where each member contributes to the storyline, characters, or even sound effects. Watch as collective ideas merge into cinematic masterpieces.

? Building Future Filmmakers In a world where content is king, the Matatalab “Animation” Add-on provides the tools for young minds to start their journey in digital content creation, setting the stage for future filmmakers and digital artists.

Craft, Create, Captivate. The Matatalab “Animation” Add-on is more than just an accessory; it’s a passport to a world of digital creativity. Let the stories begin, frame by magical frame. ????



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