Ozobot Bit+

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The Ozobot Bit+ is a programmable robot that introduces coding and STEM concepts through fun and interactive activities.

  • Programmable robot for learning coding and STEM concepts.
  • Can follow lines, detect colors, and respond to commands through visual programming or color codes.
  • Provides a hands-on and interactive learning experience for kids.
  • Compatible with various devices and platforms.
  • Offers a range of educational activities and challenges to enhance creativity and problem-solving skills.

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Introducing the Ozobot Bit+: A Fun and Engaging Way to Learn Coding and Robotics


The Ozobot Bit+ is an innovative educational robot designed to make learning about coding and robotics enjoyable and interactive. With its small size, user-friendly interface, and extensive programming capabilities, the Ozobot Bit+ provides an accessible and engaging introduction to STEM education for learners of all ages.


Features and Benefits of the Ozobot Bit+


  1. Compact and portable design: The Ozobot Bit+ is a small, pocket-sized robot that can easily be carried around and used in various learning environments.
  2. Color code recognition: The Ozobot Bit+ uses optical sensors to read and respond to color codes drawn on paper or digital screens, allowing users to create custom paths and commands for the robot to follow.
  3. User-friendly programming: The Ozobot Bit+ is compatible with OzoBlockly, a visual programming language based on Blockly. This user-friendly platform enables learners to create programs by dragging and dropping blocks representing different commands and functions.
  4. Interactive learning experience: The Ozobot Bit+ encourages hands-on learning, as users can physically draw color codes or create digital programs to control the robot’s movements, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills.
  5. Customizable appearance: The Ozobot Bit+ comes with a clear shell and a set of colorful stickers, allowing users to personalize their robot and express their creativity.
  6. STEM-focused education: The Ozobot Bit+ supports the development of essential STEM skills, including coding, robotics, critical thinking, and collaboration, through engaging and interactive activities.
  7. Extensive online resources: Ozobot provides a wide range of online tutorials, lessons, and challenges to support users in learning how to program and use the Ozobot Bit+, making it an excellent resource for both beginners and experienced coders.


Explore the World of Coding and Robotics with the Ozobot Bit+


The Ozobot Bit+ offers a fun and interactive introduction to coding and robotics, providing an accessible and engaging learning experience for users of all ages. With its user-friendly programming, customizable appearance, and extensive online resources, the Ozobot Bit+ is an excellent tool for sparking curiosity and creativity while fostering essential STEM skills. Dive into the world of coding and robotics with the Ozobot Bit+.



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