Soft Foam Cross-Section Animal Cell Model

20,99 tax included

Explore biology with the Soft Foam Cross-Section Animal Cell Model:

  • Interactive learning: soft foam, split-half design
  • Detailed labels for easy part identification
  • Quiz-friendly hemisphere for test preparation
  • A comprehensive Reference Guide included
  • Compatible with magnetic cell models

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Dive into the intricate world of biology with the Soft Foam Cross-Section Animal Cell Model, an invaluable tool for hands-on learning. This model simplifies the complexity of an animal cell, making it accessible and engaging for children. The soft foam construction of the cell allows it to split in half, revealing the essential components including the nucleus, nucleolus, vacuole, centrioles, cell membrane, and more.

One side of the hemisphere is meticulously labeled, detailing each part of the cell for easy identification. The other side is designed with letters next to each cell part, creating a practical resource for children to quiz themselves and prepare for upcoming tests at home. The set includes a comprehensive Reference Guide, packed with activity ideas and crucial facts about animal cells, ensuring a holistic learning experience. This model seamlessly coordinates with magnetic cell models, broadening the educational possibilities.


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