Conveyor Belt 24V

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Step into the world of industrial automation with the Conveyor Belt 24V. Versatile and reliable, it’s perfect for training and simulation purposes.

  • Ideal for training and industrial automation simulations.
  • Stable and completed model for immediate use.
  • Available in both 9V and 24V options for global compatibility.
  • Can transport workpieces up to 29mm in diameter.
  • Mounted on a solid wooden plate, model packaged in a sturdy cardboard box
  • Easily connect multiple belts to create an endless conveyor system.
  • Compatible with PLC control for precise operation.


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🚚 Explore the world of automation with the fischertechnik Conveyor Belt 24V! Perfect for training and simulation, this model offers hands-on learning opportunities for industrial processes.

Build and Operate: 🛠️ Assemble the Conveyor Belt and learn to operate it efficiently. Experience the mechanics of conveyor systems in action, from loading to transporting.

Versatile Functionality: 💼 The model features a 24V conveyor belt with a length of 275 mm, suitable for transporting workpieces up to 29 mm in diameter. Combine multiple belts for an endless conveyor system.

Integration with PLC Control: ⚙️ Connect seamlessly to a PLC control system for enhanced functionality. The model includes relays for motor direction control and offers various input and output options.

Training and Simulation: 🎓 Ideal for industrial automation training, it provides a stable platform for learning about conveyor systems, logistics, and material handling.

Safe and Reliable: 🔒 Built with quality materials and mounted on a solid wooden plate, the model ensures durability and safety during operation.

Expand Your Knowledge: 📚 Enhance your understanding of automation processes and develop essential skills for the manufacturing industry with the fischertechnik Conveyor Belt 24V.

Embark on a journey of discovery in the world of industrial automation with this versatile and educational model! 🌐🔧


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