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Creative Box Mechanics

64,99 tax included

Embark on a mechanical adventure with the Fischertechnik Creative Box Mechanics. Explore gears, axles, and pulleys to build dynamic models that inspire creativity and engineering innovation.

  • Contains 290 components for building various mechanical systems.
  • Explore different types of gears, racks, and drive elements.
  • Create cable winches, chain drives, and other complex mechanisms.
  • Compatible with other Fischertechnik kits for expanded building possibilities.
  • Includes plastic trays and sorting inserts for easy organization and storage.
  • Base plate doubles as a lid for convenient closure and transport.
  • Ideal for enthusiasts of all ages interested in tinkering and engineering experimentation.


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🔧 Dive into the world of mechanics with the Fischertechnik Creative Box Mechanics! This comprehensive kit offers budding engineers and inventors a playground to explore the fascinating realm of gear systems and motion. 🚗

Unleash Your Creativity:

🎨 With 290 components including gears, racks, axles, and more, the Creative Box Mechanics empowers you to build and experiment with various mechanical systems. Let your imagination run wild as you construct cable winches, chain drives, and intricate gear arrangements. Create mechanisms that reflect your unique ideas and designs, turning concepts into tangible models with ease.

Dynamic Motion:

⚙️ Explore the principles of movement and engineering as you set mechanisms in motion. From simple gear trains to complex gearboxes, this kit allows you to create models that move and interact, providing a hands-on learning experience like no other. Experiment with different gear ratios and configurations to understand the fundamentals of mechanical motion and power transmission.

Expand Your Models:

🏗️ Compatible with other Fischertechnik construction kits, the Creative Box Mechanics lets you expand and enhance your existing models. Mix and match components to take your creations to new heights, fostering innovation and creativity with every build. With endless possibilities for customization, you can continually evolve your models and explore new design concepts.

Easy Organization:

📦 Stay organized with two plastic trays and flexible sorting inserts included in the set. Sort and store components efficiently after construction, keeping your workspace tidy and ready for your next mechanical masterpiece. The convenient storage solution ensures that your parts remain easily accessible, allowing you to focus on designing and building without interruptions.

Durable Construction:

💪 Crafted with high-quality materials, the components in the Creative Box Mechanics are built to last. Designed for durability and safety, this kit ensures countless hours of building enjoyment without compromising on quality. Each piece is precision-engineered to withstand rigorous use, providing reliable performance throughout your engineering endeavors.

Educational Fun:

🎓 Whether you’re a hobbyist, educator, or aspiring engineer, the Creative Box Mechanics offers endless opportunities for learning and exploration. Discover the fascinating world of mechanics while honing problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity skills. Engage in hands-on experimentation and observation, gaining valuable insights into the principles of engineering and design.

Unlock the potential of mechanics and embark on an exciting journey of discovery with the Fischertechnik Creative Box Mechanics. Build, learn, and create with this versatile and engaging kit!


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