Creepy Crawly Digging Kit

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Explore the world of insects with the Creepy Crawly Digging Kit:

  • Ideal for insect lovers and curious minds
  • Unearth a variety of creepy crawlies from gypsum rock
  • Clean and examine insects with the included tools
  • Classify insects and learn fascinating facts
  • Unique and educational outdoor activity

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Dive into the intriguing world of insects with the Creepy Crawly Digging Kit from Kidz Labs! This is the perfect excavation kit for those who are fascinated by insects, whether you’re keen to observe them up close, eager to learn more about them, or even if they give you a bit of a fright. Utilize the provided spelunker tool to dig through the gypsum rock and unearth an array of creepy crawlies.

Inside, you’ll find a formidable spider, a slippery earthworm, a fearsome scorpion, tiny ants, and glow-in-the-dark worms, among other interesting insects. Clean each insect meticulously with the brush and examine their details using the explorer’s magnifying glass. The fun doesn’t stop at excavation; once unearthed, classify each insect on their sample cards and learn fascinating facts about them.

The Creepy Crawly Digging Kit offers a unique way to enjoy and learn about nature, providing insight into the world of insects and their characteristics. This knowledge allows you to appreciate your walks in the countryside from a completely new perspective.

Get closer to the animal world of insects and learn to view them in a whole new light with this exciting digging kit!


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