Cubetto Ancient Egypt Adventure Map

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The Cubetto Ancient Egypt Adventure Map is an expansion pack that takes young learners on a coding journey through ancient history.

  • Designed to be used with the Cubetto Educational Coding Robot.
  • Provides a new themed adventure for hands-on coding and storytelling.
  • Explores historical and cultural aspects of ancient Egypt through play.
  • Enhances geographical and historical understanding while developing coding skills.
  • Encourages imaginative play and creative thinking in a educational setting.

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Cubetto Ancient Egypt Adventure Map: Code Through the Sands of Time


? Discover the Dynasties Journey with Cubetto into the heart of Ancient Egypt, a civilization shrouded in mystery and brimming with architectural marvels. Unearth secrets of the pharaohs and tales of gods in this grand coding expedition.

? Map the Majesty This beautifully illustrated map paints a vivid panorama of the Nile delta, ancient temples, and parched deserts. A visual feast and a sensory delight that beckons budding programmers to explore.

? Oasis of Opportunities Navigate through the Great Sphinx, dodge treacherous sandstorms, or drop by the bustling bazaars of Cairo. Every corner of the map presents a new challenge and tale waiting to be uncovered.

? Hieroglyphs & History Introduce kids to the captivating world of Egyptian symbols and stories. While Cubetto maneuvers through the map, young learners imbibe lessons in language, legend, and lore.

? Puzzle with the Pyramids Ever wondered how the pyramids were built? Command Cubetto to retrace the steps of ancient engineers, stimulate critical thinking, and marvel at these man-made wonders.

? Robot Meets Ra Blending tech with tradition, the Cubetto Ancient Egypt Adventure Map merges the magic of coding with the mystique of mythology. It’s a confluence of the contemporary and the classical.

? Educational Exploration Beyond just programming principles, this map is a gateway to history, culture, and architecture. It’s an immersive experience that educates while it entertains.


Embark on an Epochal Expedition With the Cubetto Ancient Egypt Adventure Map, programming transcends the present. Chart a course through time, decode the stories of the sands, and craft codes worthy of the gods. ????.



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