Cubetto Deep Space Adventure Map

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The Cubetto Deep Space Adventure Map is an exciting expansion pack that enables kids to explore the mysteries of outer space through coding.

  • Compatible with the Cubetto Educational Coding Robot.
  • Offers a space-themed adventure for coding and imaginative play.
  • Explores celestial bodies, constellations, and space exploration concepts.
  • Encourages learning about astronomy and space science in an interactive way.
  • Fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a playful learning environment.

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Cubetto Deep Space Adventure Map: Blast Off into Boundless Learning!


? Galactic Galavanting Join Cubetto on a cosmic quest beyond our planet, venturing where no wooden robot has gone before! Dive into the vast expanse of space, and chase comets, stars, and interstellar wonders.

? Stellar Spectrum This intricately designed map offers a brilliant display of nebulas, supernovas, and constellations. Every corner is a galaxy of discovery waiting for our little explorer to conquer.

? Meet the Martians Navigate the martian terrains, evade black holes, and make pit stops at distant space stations. Every twist and turn is a lesson in space-time and celestial phenomena.

? Celestial Coding As Cubetto floats through the vastness of space, it not only teaches kids the rudiments of coding but also the wonders of our universe. Decode the mysteries of the Milky Way while you code your way through constellations.

? Spacecraft and Stories Re-enact the legendary space missions, dodge asteroids or waltz with the weightlessness of zero gravity. With this map, every space enthusiast gets to live their astronaut dreams, even if just in play.

? Robot’s Interstellar Itinerary The Cubetto Deep Space Adventure Map is where the future of tech meets the frontiers of the universe. A surreal blend of modern mechanics and majestic marvels of space.

? Educational Escapades More than just programming, this map is an intergalactic passport to astrophysics, cosmology, and space exploration. A deep dive into science, wrapped in layers of fun and fantasy.


Ignite Intergalactic Inspiration With the Cubetto Deep Space Adventure Map, the universe is not just a destination; it’s a journey. Set sail across the stars, breach the barriers of learning, and rocket your way to riveting revelations. ???.



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