Cubetto Direction Blocks

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The Cubetto Direction Blocks are a valuable expansion to the Cubetto coding experience, allowing more diverse and intricate programming routes.

  • Compatible with the Cubetto Educational Coding Robot system.
  • Introduces new directional commands for coding adventures.
  • Enhances coding projects by adding more complexity and creativity.
  • Encourages problem-solving and spatial reasoning skills.
  • Provides a tactile and engaging way to learn coding concepts.
  • Suitable for both educators and young learners exploring coding and robotics.

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Cubetto Direction Blocks: Navigating the World of Coding with Precision!


? Chart Your Path with Confidence Embark on a journey of discovery with Cubetto’s Direction Blocks. Expertly designed, these blocks seamlessly guide young learners, offering a tangible touch to the abstract world of programming.

? Steer with Purpose From simple straight paths to intricate twists and turns, let young minds dictate Cubetto’s journey. Each block translates to a command, allowing children to predict and plan Cubetto’s route with precision.

Essential Foundations for Future Coders Before diving deep into the complex coding universe, mastering the basics is vital. And what’s more fundamental than directions? With these blocks, kids grasp the core concepts of movement and orientation, setting a solid groundwork for advanced programming lessons.

? Interactive Learning Experience Playing with Direction Blocks is like orchestrating a dance. Left, right, forward, backward—every movement becomes a step, every sequence a dance routine. And the best part? Cubetto dances to the tunes of its young programmer!

? Limitless Exploration The real-world isn’t linear, and neither should be the world of Cubetto. With Direction Blocks, young explorers can craft numerous paths, curate adventures, and even design mazes for Cubetto to navigate.

? Perfect Partner for Cubetto While Cubetto offers the canvas, Direction Blocks bring the colors. They complement each other, ensuring that the canvas of young minds is painted with vibrant hues of creativity, logic, and innovation.


Steering the Future Cubetto Direction Blocks aren’t just tools; they’re the compass guiding young learners towards a future rich with analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. Ready, set, navigate! ???.


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