Cubetto Logic Blocks

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The Cubetto Logic Blocks are an essential accessory for extending the coding possibilities with Cubetto, enabling more complex programming journeys.

  • Designed to enhance the Cubetto Educational Coding Robot experience.
  • Offers additional coding functions and commands for advanced programming.
  • Provides a tangible and hands-on way to explore programming logic and concepts.
  • Promotes creativity and experimentation while honing coding skills.
  • Supports the development of problem-solving abilities through logical thinking.
  • Ideal for educators and parents seeking to deepen children’s coding understanding.

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Cubetto Logic Blocks: Shape Young Minds with Smart Moves!


? Meet Cubetto’s Brainy Buddies Dive into the ingenious world of Cubetto’s Logic Blocks! Designed to challenge young minds, these blocks are more than just coding tools—they are brain teasers in block form.

? Think, Tweak, Triumph! Introduce your child to complex problem-solving situations playfully. With Logic Blocks, every solution demands foresight, prediction, and a dash of creativity.

? Unlock Unlimited Logical Challenges From the fundamental ‘If’, ‘And’, ‘Or’ to the complex ‘Not’, ‘While’, and ‘Loop’, these blocks cover a vast spectrum of logical operations. Witness how they transform Cubetto’s coding journey into one filled with reasoning and deduction.

? Puzzles Come Alive Go beyond standard paths! Let the Logic Blocks pave unpredictable pathways, design detours, and conjure coding conundrums that promise hours of brain-bending fun.

? Beyond Coding – Enter the Realm of Reasoning While Cubetto teaches the basics of coding, Logic Blocks elevate the experience, focusing on the ‘why’ behind every code, fostering deeper understanding and cognitive growth.

? Setting STEM Foundations Harness the power of these blocks to lay a robust foundation for future STEM learning. Not only do they encourage coding, but they also sharpen analytical thinking, decision-making, and logical reasoning.


Elevate Every Exploration The Cubetto Logic Blocks aren’t mere extensions to your Cubetto kit; they’re gateways to a world where coding meets cognition. Get ready to think, code, and conquer! ???.


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