Double-Sided Magnetic Human Body

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Discover anatomy with the Double-Sided Magnetic Human Body by Learning Resources. This educational magnetic set lets kids learn about the skeletal system and the body’s major organs. Ideal for children over 5 years old.

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The Double-Sided Magnetic Human Body offers an engaging and dynamic way for children to learn about human anatomy. This set from Learning Resources is perfect for engaging young scientists with its 17 magnetic pieces that feature the skeletal system on one side and major organs and muscle groups on the other.

Standing over 3 feet tall, the magnetic model provides a detailed, life-size representation of the human body, making learning visual and hands-on. This resource is outstanding for classroom demonstrations or teaching in small groups, allowing children to explore anatomy in an interactive and fun way.

The set comes with a multilingual activity guide featuring reproducible diagrams that students can label, enhancing their understanding and retention of anatomical knowledge. Additionally, this type of play encourages sensory and motor skills and can aid in developing nerve connections in the brain.

Twice the learning is guaranteed: children will not only become familiar with the skeletal system but will also have the opportunity to identify and learn about the most important organs and muscle groups. The Double-Sided Magnetic Human Body is an invaluable educational tool and a perfect addition to any learning environment.


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