Ed Sketch Pen Holders

15,99 tax included

Unlock artistic potential with the pack of 10 Ed Sketch Pen Holders by Edison. Attach to the Edison robot for creative programming projects and STEAM education. Features include:

  • Easy attachment to the Edison robot.
  • Holds Pen Marker securely in place.
  • Enhances STEAM education by incorporating art into programming.
  • Perfect addition to the Edison curriculum.
  • Promotes creativity and open-ended challenge ideas.
  • Ideal for students and educators interested in robotics and creative programming.

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Ed Sketch Pen Holder🎨 Elevate your creativity and organization with the Ed Sketch Pen Holders, the perfect companion for your EDISON Robot V 2.0! This sleek and functional accessory keeps your sketch pens neatly stored and readily accessible, enhancing your robot-building experience.

Unleash Your Creativity:πŸš€ With the EDISON Robot V 2.0’s Pen Holders, you can keep your sketch pens organized and within reach as you design and customize your EDISON Robot V 2.0. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to streamlined creativity!

Effortless Integration:πŸ€– Designed to seamlessly complement your EDISON Robot V 2.0, the Pen Holders sits snugly next to your robot, providing a convenient spot to store your sketch pens while you work on your projects.

Enhanced Accessibility:πŸ–ŠοΈ With your sketch pens neatly stored in the holder, you can focus more on your robot-building endeavors without the hassle of searching for misplaced pens. Enjoy uninterrupted creativity at your fingertips!

Durable Construction:πŸ”§ Crafted from high-quality materials,it is built to last. Its sturdy construction ensures that your sketch pens are securely held in place, providing peace of mind during your creative endeavors.

Take your robot-building experience to the next level with the Ed Sketch Pen Holders, the must-have accessory for EDISON Robot V 2.0 enthusiasts. Stay organized, stay creative, and let your imagination soar! 🌟🎨


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