Elecfreaks Wonder Kit 20 in 1

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The Elecfreaks Wonder Kit 20 in 1 is a comprehensive electronics kit for learning and experimenting with various circuits and components.

  • Compact and portable programmable robot kit.
  • Compatible with micro:bit microcontroller.
  • Designed for educational coding and robotics projects.
  • Offers 20 different project possibilities.
  • Features motors, sensors, and programmable LEDs.
  • Encourages hands-on learning and creativity.

Does not include microbit board.

Expect delivery within 2-5 business days after purchase


Elecfreaks Wonder Kit 20 in 1: The Ultimate Exploration into the World of Electronics!


Unveiling the Magic of the Wonder Kit Step into an electrifying adventure with the Elecfreaks Wonder Kit 20 in 1. A treasure trove of gadgets, sensors, and components, it’s your ultimate passport to a world brimming with innovation and creativity.



? Dive Deep with 20 Unique Modules From tactile buttons to advanced sensors, each module in this kit opens a new door of exploration. Discover 20 different avenues of electronic innovation.



? Learning Made Exciting Demystify the principles of electronics, physics, and programming. The Wonder Kit makes STEM education a thrilling journey, offering hands-on experiments that captivate and educate.



? DIY Paradise for Enthusiasts Whether you’re prototyping an invention or constructing a smart gadget, the Wonder Kit provides all the tools you need. Assemble, tinker, and bring your ideas to life!



? Gradual Learning Curve From beginner-friendly modules to more complex components, progress at your own pace. Master the basics before diving into advanced electronic adventures.



? An Engaging Online Ecosystem Connect with the global Elecfreaks community. Collaborate on projects, share your creations, and gain inspiration from fellow enthusiasts.



? Safe and Reliable Components Every module undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring safe and seamless operation. Dive into your projects with confidence!



? Sleek, Portable, and Organized With a dedicated compartment for each module, the kit is easy to transport and store. Perfect for classrooms, workshops, or on-the-go tinkering.



? Grow with Endless Project Possibilities From automated plant watering systems to smart alarms, the potential projects are limitless. Let your imagination run wild!

? Electronics, Unleashed With the Elecfreaks Wonder Kit 20 in 1, the realm of electronics is at your fingertips. Every module is a step towards a future shaped by innovation. Ready to spark change? Let’s electrify the world!



Unearth the Wonders, One Module at a Time Each day presents a new challenge, a new experiment, and a new creation. With the Elecfreaks Wonder Kit, you’re not just learning about electronics; you’re shaping the future. Embark on the ultimate journey of discovery! ??️?



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