Factory Simulation 24V

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Introducing the Factory Simulation 24V: Dive into industrial automation with this comprehensive simulation kit.

  • Ideal training, simulation and demonstration model for training and industrial automation
  • Already completed, stable training model; Mounted on a solid wooden plate, model packaged in a sturdy cardboard box
  • Optionally available in the 9V standard voltage as well as in the worldwide 24V industrial standard
  • CAUTION: absolutely necessary for operation is a PLC control 24V
  • Dimensions of the model incl. base plate: 114 x 74 x 34 cm


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🏭 Dive into the immersive world of industrial automation with the fischertechnik Factory Simulation 24V. This comprehensive training model offers hands-on learning opportunities for aspiring engineers and technicians, providing a realistic environment to understand industrial processes.

Build Realistic Scenarios: 🏗️ With the Factory Simulation 24V, users can create and simulate complex manufacturing scenarios, including material handling, processing, and sorting. Experience the intricacies of factory operations in a controlled environment.

Learn PLC Control: 💡 Explore the fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) with the Factory Simulation 24V. Connect the model to a PLC and gain practical experience in controlling industrial processes, enhancing your understanding of automation technology.

Enhance Technical Skills: 🔧 Develop essential technical skills such as circuitry, sensor integration, and motor control while working with the set. Gain hands-on experience in troubleshooting and optimizing manufacturing processes.

Versatile Training Model: 🛠️ It is equipped with a range of features, including digital and analog inputs, fast counting inputs, and multiple outputs, providing versatility for training and experimentation.

Ideal for Industrial Education: 🎓 Whether you’re a student, educator, or industry professional, it offers valuable insights into industrial automation. Prepare for real-world challenges and advance your career in industrial engineering and automation.

Experience the Future of Manufacturing: 🌟 With its realistic simulation capabilities and comprehensive training features, it sets the standard for industrial education and training. Explore the possibilities of modern manufacturing technology and unlock new opportunities in the industry.

Embark on a journey of discovery with the fischertechnik Factory Simulation 24V and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of industrial automation. 🚀


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