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Green Science – Aqua Robot

20,99 tax included

The Green Science Aqua Robot kit allows you to build a robot that can navigate through water, offering a fun introduction to hydro-mechanics.

  • Construct a robot that operates in water.
  • Learn about hydro-mechanics and basic engineering.
  • Encourages hands-on learning and creativity.
  • Suitable for educational and recreational use.
  • Provides an engaging STEM-based activity.
  • Promotes understanding of water-based technology.

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Green Science – Aqua Robot


? Dive into Discovery: Unveiling the Aqua Robot! Dip your toes into the fantastic realm of aquatic engineering. Green Science presents a robot that dances on the delicate balance between water and technology.

? Hydro-Powered Hightech Harness the power of water to propel this robotic wonder. The Aqua Robot isn’t just waterproof—it’s water-powered, merging fluid dynamics with cutting-edge mechanics.

? A Marine Marvel for Inquisitive Minds Delve deep into the intricacies of marine motion. Experience firsthand how energy conversion takes place, transforming liquid force into mechanical movement.

?️ A Builder’s Bliss Beneath the Waves Each Aqua Robot kit serves as a subaquatic workshop. Construct, experiment, and marvel as your creation cruises through its watery world.

? Illuminating Insights in Engineering and Ecology Beyond the thrill of aquatic adventure, this robot offers a dive into essential STEM principles, bridging biology’s wonders with engineering’s precision.

? School Assignments, Now Submerged! Ideal for classroom explorations or weekend undertakings, the Aqua Robot makes learning about water’s ways an immersive, in-depth delight.


Embark on a Hydrodynamic Hunt with Green Science’s Aqua Robot By blending the marvels of marine science with the thrill of technological tinkering, the Aqua Robot offers a deep dive into the world of water-powered wanderers. Ready to get soaked in science? ??.



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