Green Science – Water Pump

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The Green Science Water Pump kit allows you to create a functional water pump powered by solar energy, teaching eco-friendly concepts.

  • Build a solar-powered water pump using eco-friendly principles.
  • Learn about renewable energy and hydraulics through hands-on construction.
  • Encourages environmental awareness and sustainable technology.
  • Suitable for educational purposes and home experimentation.
  • Enhances understanding of energy transfer and mechanical systems.
  • Provides an engaging STEM learning experience for kids and students.

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Green Science – Water Pump


? The Power of Elevation: Harness Water Like Never Before! Step into the fascinating world of hydraulic systems with Green Science’s Water Pump. A blend of nature’s fluid dynamics and human ingenuity, this kit brings an educational splash to science.

? Aqua-Mechanics in Action Uncover the wonders of water propulsion as you build and operate your very own water pump. Witness firsthand the strength and simplicity of liquid force!

? Eco-Friendly Learning Adventure Discover how water pumps play a vital role in irrigation, supporting agriculture, and maintaining lush landscapes, all while conserving our planet’s precious resources.

? Engaging Design, Enlightening Experience Designed for inquisitive minds, the Water Pump offers hands-on learning, turning theory into tangible results. Experience the satisfaction of creating a functional model from scratch!

? Fluid Dynamics Demystified Venture into the realm of water pressure, force, and flow. Through practical experimentation, grasp core scientific principles in a fun, immersive manner.

? Explore, Innovate, Hydrate Challenge your cognitive abilities by configuring different setups. Explore how variations can impact water flow, speed, and efficiency. Every trial offers a fresh burst of knowledge!


Dive Deep with Green Science’s Water Pump It’s more than just a kit; it’s an invitation to explore the captivating world of hydraulics. Quench your thirst for knowledge, one pump at a time. ??.



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