Heart Anatomy Display Model

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Dive into the intricacies of human biology with the Heart Anatomy Display Model. Ideal for educational purposes, this model helps kids understand the heart’s structure and function. The detachable parts offer a hands-on experience for an in-depth look at heart anatomy.

  • Educational model for learning heart anatomy
  • Detachable parts for an interactive experience
  • Suitable for young scientists’ desks at 13cm in height
  • Realistic details featuring major heart components
  • Includes 29-piece model, stand, and instructional guide

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The Heart Anatomy Display Model from Learning Resources is a superb educational tool designed to illustrate the workings of the human heart to children. Standing at a convenient 12.5cm, this plastic model is a perfect fit for the inquisitive minds of 8-year-olds and above.

With this model, young learners can discover the heart’s complexity in a tangible way. It features a detailed representation of various cardiac structures such as the superior and inferior venae cavae, atria, ventricles, and valves, as well as the pulmonary artery and aorta. As they assemble the 29-piece model using the photo-illustrated instructions included, children are encouraged to explore and understand how each part of the heart contributes to its overall function.

The model comes with a display stand to hold the heart during investigation and learning activities. The accompanying guide not only provides detailed assembly instructions but also contains facts that enrich the learning experience, making it an excellent resource for home or classroom education.


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