Indexed Line with two Machining Stations 24V – Simulation

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Step into the world of industrial automation with the Indexed Line Simulation by fischertechnik. Explore its features designed for hands-on training and simulation.

  • Comprehensive training model for industrial automation.
  • Stable construction mounted on a wooden plate.
  • Available in both 9V and 24V standards.
  • Integrated with PLC control for precise operation.
  • Features two machining stations with milling and drilling capabilities.
  • U-shaped conveyor arrangement for efficient workpiece handling.
  • Compatible with other training models for enhanced learning.
  • Equipped with digital inputs and 24V outputs for versatile functionality.
  • Easy connection to PLC control via circuit board relays.


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🔧 Explore the cutting-edge world of automation and manufacturing with the Indexed Line with two Machining Stations 24V by fischertechnik! 🏭

🛠️ Revolutionize Learning:

Step into the realm of modern manufacturing with the Indexed Line with two Machining Stations 24V. This comprehensive kit introduces students to the principles of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining, guiding them through the process of designing and implementing automated production lines.

🔬 Hands-On Experience:

With modular components and intuitive programming software, students can construct sophisticated machining stations that simulate real-world industrial processes. From tool selection and workpiece handling to precision machining operations, this kit provides a practical and engaging learning experience that fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

🌐 Interactive Learning:

Engage students in interactive learning experiences that bridge the gap between theory and practice. Through experimentation and exploration, students gain valuable insights into the principles of robotics, mechatronics, and advanced manufacturing, preparing them for future careers in STEM fields.

🎨 Enhance Creativity:

Encourage creativity and innovation as students customize their machining stations to meet specific manufacturing requirements and challenges. With endless possibilities for configuration and optimization, students can unleash their creativity and explore new solutions to complex production problems.

⚠️ Safety and Durability:

Built with high-quality materials and stringent safety standards, the Indexed Line with two Machining Stations 24V ensures a safe and reliable learning environment for students of all ages. Parents and educators can trust that their children are learning and experimenting in a secure and controlled setting.

🔓 Unlock the Potential:

Inspire the next generation of engineers and innovators with the Indexed Line with two Machining Stations 24V by fischertechnik. Empower students to think critically, collaborate effectively, and embrace the endless possibilities of automation and manufacturing technology. Join us on a journey of discovery and innovation as we shape the future of manufacturing together. 🌟🔍🚀


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