iRobot Pack ¨Coding at Sea¨ STEAM

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Explore coding and maritime adventure with the “iRobot Pack ¨Coding at Sea¨ STEAM” kit. Engage with Root® Coding Robots for creative learning at sea.

  • Designed for Root® Coding Robots and iRobot Coding App.
  • Offers a maritime-themed coding and learning experience.
  • Includes a foldable 128x64cm reversible whiteboard mat.
  • Virtual activity mat for in-app engagement.
  • Access to digital STEAM activities with a maritime twist.
  • Vinyl cling stickers for creative exploration on the mat.

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iRobot Pack “Coding at Sea” STEAM: Dive Deep into Uncharted STEAM Waters!


? Set Sail with STEAM Embark on a nautical journey with the iRobot Pack “Coding at Sea” STEAM, seamlessly blending maritime wonders with the core principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

Navigating the Oceans of Code Steer your ship through the vast oceans of coding challenges, exploring hidden treasures of knowledge and revealing mysteries of the deep blue.

? A Plunge into Marine Life Dive beneath the surface to discover a colorful world of aquatic creatures. Animate swirling schools of fish, program the path of a wandering sea turtle, or chart the migration of majestic whales.

Master the Maritime From programming your vessel to navigate stormy seas to plotting courses around treacherous obstacles, embrace the life of a seasoned sailor, all while honing your STEAM skills.

? Sharks, Shipwrecks, and STEAM Merge natural marine wonders with the realm of coding. Explore sunken shipwrecks, trace the path of hunting sharks, or even simulate coral reef formations.

? Your Captain’s Log Document your seafaring adventures, coding milestones, and oceanic discoveries in a detailed logbook, fostering reflection and reinforcing learning.

? Expand Your Fleet The sea is vast and full of wonders! Continuously add new maritime modules, ensuring the excitement of the voyage never wanes.

? Safety Beyond the Shore Though the oceans might be unpredictable, our coding challenges are safely anchored. Experience risk-free, deep-sea explorations under our vigilant watch.

? Join the Crew Connect with fellow maritime coding enthusiasts, marine biologists, educators, and learners. Share your oceanic projects, exchange sea tales, and celebrate every nautical achievement.

? Gift an Oceanic Odyssey Fuel the maritime passion with the iRobot Pack “Coding at Sea” STEAM. More than a toy, it’s a compass pointing towards endless marine adventures.


Embark on a STEAM Voyage! With the iRobot Pack, every coding challenge becomes a new horizon, every module a fresh wave. Ready to conquer the oceans of STEAM? All hands on deck and set sail! ???


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