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KidzRobotix – Motorised Robot Hand

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The KidzRobotix Motorised Robot Hand kit allows you to build a functional robotic hand that mimics human hand movements.

  • Construct a motorized robotic hand.
  • Explore basic principles of robotics and mechanics.
  • Encourages understanding of human hand anatomy and movement.
  • Suitable for educational and recreational use.
  • Provides a hands-on STEM-based activity.
  • Promotes creativity and learning about robotics technology.

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KidzRobotix – Motorised Robot Hand


? Grip the Future: The Marvel of the Motorised Hand! Grasp the next leap in robotic innovation. KidzRobotix introduces a hand that’s not just about mechanics; it’s about the magic of movement!

? The Power to Hold… in Your Hands Experience the blend of biomechanics and engineering with a motorized hand that mimics human motions seamlessly. The future of robotics is literally at your fingertips!

? High-Five to Hands-on Learning Unlock a world of understanding about anatomy and machinery. Witness how tendons, joints, and motors can coalesce into a synchronized piece of art.

? Construct, Command, and Celebrate Each kit is a laboratory of learning. Assemble the intricate pieces, watch the motors in motion, and control a hand that listens to your command.

? Bridging Biology with Bolts and Bearings This isn’t just a toy; it’s a tactile lesson in how biology meets technology, offering insights into both the human body and the machines inspired by it.

? Classroom Curiosity Comes Alive Perfect for school projects or just for fun, the Motorised Robot Hand transforms textbook knowledge into tangible tech, making the learning experience more interactive and unforgettable.


Step into Tomorrow with KidzRobotix’s Motorised Robot Hand Through connecting the wonders of human anatomy with the advancements of robotic recreation, the Motorised Robot Hand brings science and imagination closer than ever. Are you ready to shake hands with the future? ??.



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