Magnetic Masks DIY (white set)

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Unleash creativity with Photon Magnetic Masks DIY! Personalize your robot’s masks  with 6 blank masks for students to decorate freely.

  • Encourages creativity and self-expression.
  • Promotes student engagement and ownership of learning.
  • Versatile accessory for use with Photon robots.
  • Enhances fine motor skills and artistic expression.
  • Ideal for classroom activities and DIY projects.


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🎨 Dive into a world of creativity with Photon Magnetic Masks DIY! Designed to ignite imagination, this kit empowers students to personalize masks and robots, fostering self-expression and hands-on learning.

Unlock Creativity: 🌟 Encourage students to unleash their creativity by decorating Photon masks with their unique designs. From vibrant colors to intricate patterns, each mask becomes a reflection of its creator’s imagination, inspiring pride and ownership in their work.

Personalized Learning: 📚 With 6 blank masks included, each student can craft their own personalized mask, promoting individuality and self-expression. As they adorn their masks with symbols, shapes, and colors, they not only express themselves but also develop fine motor skills and spatial awareness.

Hands-on Exploration: 🔍 Engage students in a tactile learning experience as they decorate masks, fostering fine motor skills and artistic expression. From applying magnetic stickers to arranging designs, every step of the process encourages experimentation and creativity, making learning both fun and meaningful.

Versatile Application: 🎭 Ideal for classroom activities, art projects, or themed events, these magnetic masks offer endless creative possibilities. Whether used as part of a lesson on identity, storytelling, or cultural celebrations, they serve as versatile tools for hands-on exploration and creative expression.

Educational Value: 🏫 Enhance learning through art by integrating creativity into the curriculum, promoting interdisciplinary connections and imaginative thinking. By combining art with technology, Photon Magnetic Masks DIY fosters a holistic approach to education, where students are empowered to explore, create, and innovate.

Inspire creativity and innovation in your classroom with Photon Magnetic Masks DIY, where imagination knows no bounds! 🌈🖌️


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