Maqueen Lite-micro:bit

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The Maqueen Lite-micro:bit is a compact programmable robot compatible with micro:bit, ideal for teaching coding and robotics concepts in education.

  • Compact and portable programmable robot.
  • Compatible with micro:bit microcontroller.
  • Designed for educational coding and robotics projects.
  • Features motor, sensors, and programmable LEDs.
  • Supports hands-on learning and creativity.

Does not include microbit board.

Expect delivery within 2-5 business days after purchase


Maqueen Lite-micro:bit: The Ultimate Robotic Adventure Begins!



? Meet Maqueen Lite Dive into the world of robotics with Maqueen Lite for micro:bit. This compact and versatile robot is your passport to hours of coding, experimenting, and imaginative play.



? Designed for Young Minds Tailored specifically for young enthusiasts, Maqueen Lite offers an intuitive introduction to programming, electronics, and robotics. It’s STEM learning made fun!



? Easy Assembly, Effortless Coding Say goodbye to cumbersome setups. With Maqueen Lite, assembly is a breeze. Plus, with micro:bit’s block-based coding, even beginners can make Maqueen move, beep, and light up in no time!



? Sensor-Ready Platform Want to level up? Maqueen Lite is designed to easily integrate with a variety of sensors. From line-following to obstacle avoidance, the possibilities are endless.

? Buzz to the Beat Equipped with an onboard buzzer, Maqueen Lite can be coded to play melodies, respond to events, or even communicate with other robots.

? LED Matrix Expressions Utilize the micro:bit’s LED matrix to give Maqueen Lite a range of “expressions”. Whether it’s a happy face or a blinking heart, let your robot show its mood!

? Dual Motor Drive With its dual motor system, maneuvering Maqueen Lite is seamless. Whether it’s zig-zagging through a maze or chasing a target, its movements are smooth and precise.

? Long-Lasting Adventures Powered by a robust battery, Maqueen Lite is ready for extended missions. Whether it’s a day of learning or play, this robot won’t call it quits!



? Comprehensive Learning Resources The kit comes packed with step-by-step guides, tutorial videos, and a wealth of online resources. From basics to advanced projects, you’re covered.



? Join the Global Maqueen Community Connect with Maqueen enthusiasts worldwide. Share projects, challenges, and innovations. Together, redefine what’s possible with robotics.





Embark on the Robotic Journey of a Lifetime The Maqueen Lite-micro:bit is more than just a robot. It’s a challenge, a companion, and a canvas for your wildest robotic dreams. Ready to make the future? Maqueen Lite awaits! ???



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