Matatalab Add-on “3D Map”

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Elevate coding experiences with the “3D Map” Add-on for Matatalab, offering exciting spatial challenges and interactive storytelling.

  • Compatible with Matatalab coding kits.
  • Enhances coding adventures with a tangible 3D map.
  • Encourages problem-solving in a multi-dimensional environment.
  • Enables unique coding scenarios and challenges.
  • Fosters creativity and imagination through interactive play.
  • Expands STEAM learning by introducing spatial thinking and design concepts.

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Matatalab Add-on “3D Map”: Embark on a Dimensional Discovery


? Three-Dimensional Terrain Awaits Step into a tangible landscape of learning with the Matatalab “3D Map” Add-on. As opposed to flat, traditional programming platforms, this vibrant, multi-tiered world opens the door to a whole new level of coding adventures.



?️ Real-world Programming Perspectives Navigate the terrains, scale the highs and lows, and experience the thrill of coding in a 3D space. This is not just coding; it’s a spatial understanding, geometric grasp, and a journey through digital topography.

?️ Cities, Countryside, and Beyond The “3D Map” add-on encompasses a variety of terrains, from bustling cityscapes to serene countryside, deserts to deltas. Code your Matatalab robot to discover every nook and cranny of this expansive universe.



?️ Map Out a Multitude of Missions The versatile map offers endless mission possibilities. From simple navigations to complex challenges involving obstacles and timed tasks, every session is a new exploration.

? Reach New Coding Heights While the 2D realm offers a foundation, the 3D dimension promotes advanced problem-solving, fostering an understanding of spatial relationships, distance, and direction. It’s a higher plane of programming prowess.



? Enhanced Engagement, Elevated Learning The tangible touch and feel of the “3D Map” give learners a more immersive experience. It’s about connecting the digital commands to real-world, tactile outcomes.

? Detailed & Durable Design Crafted with precision, the map is designed for countless coding sessions. Its robust nature ensures that it stands up to enthusiastic explorations while retaining its intricate details.



? Illuminate Imagination Allow learners to not just see their code come to life, but to feel the terrains, understand the dimensions, and truly be a part of the coding conquest. It’s an experiential education like no other.


Explore, Engage, Elevate. With the Matatalab “3D Map” Add-on, prepare for an exhilarating experience that adds depth to decoding, dimension to discovery, and dynamism to digital learning. Dive in! ???️?️


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