Matatalab Add-on “Friends”

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Expand the Matatalab world with the “Friends” Add-on, introducing delightful characters to enhance coding adventures and creativity.

  • Compatible with Matatalab kits.
  • Adds fun and personality to coding activities.
  • Encourages imaginative play and storytelling.
  • Includes diverse characters for varied coding scenarios.
  • Promotes collaboration and social interaction.
  • Enriches STEAM learning with engaging and relatable characters.

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Matatalab Add-on “Friends”: Cultivate Bonds Beyond the Digital Realm


? Making Memories with Mates Venture into a world where companionship takes center stage. The Matatalab “Friends” Add-on brings character, charm, and camaraderie to the robotic realm, adding a touch of heart to every code.

? Personify Your Programming Adventures Each “Friend” in this add-on is meticulously crafted to personify emotions, characteristics, and moods. Watch as these delightful companions interact, respond, and play, turning coding sessions into delightful stories.

? Character-driven Coding Through characters with distinct personalities, learners can delve deeper into understanding sequences, logic, and decision-making. It’s storytelling with a technological twist!

?+? A Blend of Bot & Buddy Your Matatalab robot needn’t journey alone. Pair it up with a “Friend” and observe the collaborative dance of technology and emotion. How will your robot respond to its new companion?

? A Palette of Personalities The Matatalab “Friends” Add-on boasts a diverse cast, each bringing unique narratives to the table. From playful to pensive, bold to bashful, there’s a “Friend” for every tale.

? Growing Together in Digital Playgrounds While the primary aim is coding, the subtle lessons of friendship, empathy, and collaboration shine through. It’s about building codes and connections.

? Shared Adventures, Lasting Bonds Let learners collaborate, combining their “Friends” in shared narratives. It’s not just about whose code runs best, but how their stories intertwine.

? Unlocking Emotive Experiences The Matatalab “Friends” Add-on is more than mere accessories. They are the heartbeats in every program, the emotions in every logic, and the soul in every sequence. Ready to befriend them?



Where Coding Meets Companionship. Embark on a journey where digital commands create delightful character interactions. With the Matatalab “Friends” Add-on, every code tells a story of friendship. ????


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