MatataLab Add-on “Sensor”

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Expand the possibilities of MatataLab with the “Sensor” Add-on, enabling young learners to explore coding concepts with sensor interactions.

  • Compatible with MatataLab kits.
  • Introduces sensor-based programming.
  • Enhances coding skills with real-world interactions.
  • Includes various sensors for dynamic coding projects.
  • Encourages experimentation and creativity.
  • Supports STEAM learning and problem-solving.

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MatataLab Add-on “Sensor”: Unlocking a New Dimension in Interactive Learning


? Sensing the World, Amplifying Learning Introduce your learners to the intriguing world of sensors with the MatataLab Add-on “Sensor”. This extension provides an immersive touchpoint, allowing young minds to interact with their environment like never before.



? Expand Your Horizons This add-on isn’t just an accessory; it’s a gateway. Delve deeper into the world of STEAM, expanding the capabilities of your MatataLab experience and exploring new, advanced challenges.

? Interactive Enlightenment Sensors bring the environment directly to your learners. With real-time feedback, children can witness cause and effect in action, leading to profound learning experiences and sparking genuine curiosity.



? Robotics Revolution Integrate the “Sensor” add-on and watch as your MatataLab robot transforms, gaining newfound abilities and opening up an array of engaging tasks and challenges.

? Hands-On Experiments Conduct experiments that respond to light, sound, or touch. Observe the outcomes and learn the fundamentals of data and environment interaction. It’s science and fun, all rolled into one!



? Intuitive Integration With easy-to-follow instructions and seamless compatibility, incorporating the “Sensor” add-on to your existing MatataLab setup is a breeze.

? Collaborative Learning Incorporate sensor-based challenges in group tasks, fostering teamwork, and collaborative problem-solving among peers.

? Fostering Future Innovators In a world where technology evolves at lightning speed, understanding sensors and their applications can give kids a head start. The MatataLab Add-on “Sensor” is more than just an accessory; it’s a tool for nurturing the innovators of tomorrow.


Engage the Senses, Enrich the Mind. The MatataLab Add-on “Sensor” is not just about enhancing a robot; it’s about enhancing a child’s understanding of the world. Dive into interactive learning and watch as intrigue turns into insight. ????



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