Matatalab “Artist” Add-on

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Elevate young learners’ creativity with the “Artist” Add-on for Matatalab, merging coding with artistry and imaginative expression.

  • Designed to complement Matatalab coding kits.
  • Enables coding-based artistic creations and animations.
  • Fosters understanding of visual programming and sequencing.
  • Encourages storytelling through interactive animations.
  • Supports collaborative learning as students collaborate on artistic projects.
  • Promotes integration of coding and artistic skills, nurturing well-rounded creativity.

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Matatalab “Artist” Add-on: Unleash the Colors of Creativity


? Embark on a Creative Quest Step into the vibrant realm of artistic expression with the Matatalab “Artist” Add-on. This isn’t just about coding; it’s about blending the magic of art with the logic of programming to create masterpieces.



?️ Paint Your Path with Precision As your Matatalab robot moves, let it leave a trail of color and imagination. From intricate patterns to broad brushstrokes, command your creation with code.

? A Palette of Possibilities This add-on provides a plethora of artistic tools and colors, enabling endless design possibilities. Whether it’s abstract art or a detailed depiction, the canvas is yours to command.



? Artistic Insights, Automated The “Artist” Add-on offers a unique opportunity to visualize algorithms in art. Watch as loops, sequences, and commands transform into captivating creations on the canvas.

?️ Showcase & Share Display the artworks crafted by coding, bridging the gap between technology and traditional art forms. Let each piece tell its tale of tech-infused talent.

A Symphony of Skills While sharpening their coding capabilities, young artists also refine their understanding of colors, shapes, and spatial arrangement, weaving a rich tapestry of STEAM education.



? Detailed & Dynamic Design Constructed to cater to the eager hands of budding artists, this add-on ensures longevity and reliability. Its robust nature meets the rigorous demands of repeated creative endeavors.

? The Rhythm of Repetition Discover the beauty of patterns and sequences in art. Let the robot repeat designs with slight variations, and observe the mesmerizing effects of iterative artistry.


Craft, Code, Create. The Matatalab “Artist” Add-on is where the digital realm meets the canvas, where binary meets brushstrokes. Dive into this delightful domain and watch as creativity takes shape, one code at a time. ??️??️.



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