Micro:bit GO

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Micro:bit GO is a beginner-friendly kit that includes everything needed to start coding and experimenting with the Micro:bit board.

  • Complete kit for beginners to learn coding and electronics with the Micro:bit board.
  • Includes Micro:bit board, USB cable, battery holder, and a variety of accessories.
  • Allows for easy programming and experimentation with the built-in sensors and LEDs.
  • Compatible with a wide range of programming languages and platforms, including Microsoft MakeCode and Python.
  • Ideal for educational purposes, makers, and hobbyists interested in exploring the world of microcontrollers

Does not include microbit board.

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Introducing the Micro:bit GO: A Beginner-Friendly Introduction to Coding and Electronics


The Micro:bit GO is an all-in-one starter kit designed to make learning about coding and electronics easy, fun, and accessible. Built around the popular BBC Micro:bit platform, the Micro:bit GO offers an engaging and hands-on approach to STEM education, making it an ideal choice for beginners of all ages.


Features and Benefits of the Micro:bit GO


  1. User-friendly platform: The Micro:bit GO is built around the well-known BBC Micro:bit, a compact and versatile microcontroller designed for ease of use and maximum accessibility.
  2. All-in-one starter kit: The Micro:bit GO comes with everything you need to get started, including a BBC Micro:bit, a USB cable for programming, a battery holder, and 2 AAA batteries.
  3. Interactive components: The BBC Micro:bit features 25 programmable LEDs, two user buttons, an accelerometer, a compass, and input/output connections for added functionality and customization.
  4. Wide range of programming languages: The Micro:bit GO supports various programming languages, such as MakeCode, Python, and Scratch, allowing users to choose the language that best suits their learning style and goals.
  5. STEM-focused learning: The Micro:bit GO encourages hands-on learning and the development of essential STEM skills, including coding, problem-solving, and critical thinking.
  6. Extensive online resources: The Micro:bit GO is supported by a wealth of online tutorials, lessons, and project ideas, providing a comprehensive introduction to coding and electronics.


Discover the Fun of Coding and Electronics with the Micro:bit GO


The Micro:bit GO offers a beginner-friendly and engaging introduction to coding and electronics. With its user-friendly platform, interactive components, and extensive online resources, the Micro:bit GO provides a hands-on and enjoyable learning experience for users of all ages. Jumpstart your coding journey and explore the world of electronics with the Micro:bit GO.


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