Micro:Bit Smart Health Kit

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The “Micro:Bit Smart Health Kit” is a comprehensive package for exploring health monitoring and wellness concepts with the Micro:Bit platform.

  • Enables students to learn about health monitoring and wellness through hands-on activities with the Micro:Bit.
  • Includes sensors and components for measuring heart rate, temperature, and movement.
  • Provides an interactive learning experience with programmable features and data visualization.
  • Promotes understanding of health-related concepts and encourages students to explore solutions for personal well-being.
  • Supports the development of coding skills and computational thinking in the context of health sciences

Does not include microbit board.

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Introducing the Micro:Bit Smart Health Kit: A Comprehensive and Interactive Way to Learn Health Monitoring


Discover the fascinating world of health monitoring technology with the Micro:Bit Smart Health Kit. Designed for students and enthusiasts of all ages, this innovative kit offers a hands-on and interactive approach to learning about health monitoring systems, coding, and electronics. By using the widely-adopted Micro:Bit platform, the Smart Health Kit provides an engaging and accessible introduction to STEM education, with a focus on real-world applications in healthcare.


Features and Benefits of the Micro:Bit Smart Health Kit


  1. Easy-to-use platform: The Smart Health Kit is built around the popular Micro:Bit platform, offering a user-friendly and accessible way to learn about health monitoring technology.
  2. Interactive components: The kit includes a variety of sensors and components, such as heart rate, temperature, and humidity sensors, that enable students to create practical health monitoring projects.
  3. Customizable design: With its modular design, the Smart Health Kit can be easily expanded and customized to suit your learning objectives and creative aspirations.
  4. STEM-focused learning: The Smart Health Kit encourages hands-on learning and the development of essential STEM skills, including coding, problem-solving, and critical thinking.
  5. Real-world applications: By exploring the technology behind health monitoring systems, students gain valuable insights into the practical applications of STEM skills in the healthcare industry.
  6. Engaging curriculum: The Smart Health Kit comes with a range of lessons and activities, providing a comprehensive introduction to health monitoring technology and coding.


Explore Health Monitoring Technology with the Micro:Bit Smart Health Kit


The Micro:Bit Smart Health Kit offers a fun and engaging way to learn about health monitoring systems and their real-world applications. With its easy-to-use platform and interactive components, this kit provides a hands-on introduction to STEM education, with a focus on healthcare technology. Unleash your creativity and discover the potential of health monitoring systems with the Micro:Bit Smart Health Kit.


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