Multi Processing Station With Oven 24V

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Explore industrial automation with the Multi Processing Station With Oven 24V. Ideal for training and simulation, featuring advanced functionality for hands-on learning.

  • Industrial Training: Provides a realistic environment for industrial automation training and simulation.
  • Stable Design: Mounted on a solid wooden plate and packaged securely in a sturdy cardboard box for durability.
  • Voltage Options: Available in 9V and 24V standards, offering flexibility for various educational and industrial settings.
  • PLC Control Requirement: Requires a 24V PLC control for operation, ensuring efficient performance.
  • Versatile Functionality: Furnace with pneumatic sliding door, downstream processing station with vacuum gripper, cutter, rotary table, and conveyor belt.
  • Efficient Power Usage: Consumes approximately 1.6A, ensuring efficient operation without compromising functionality.
  • Easy Connectivity: Equipped with a circuit board with relays for motor direction control and various inputs/outputs for seamless connectivity.
  • Digital Inputs: Features 9 digital inputs for versatile control options.
  • 24V Outputs: Provides 14 24V outputs for powering components and devices within the system.


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🏭 Dive into the world of industrial automation with the fischertechnik Multi Processing Station With Oven 24V! This comprehensive training and simulation model offers a hands-on learning experience for students and professionals alike.

Explore Industrial Processes: 🛠️ Experience the complete production cycle from start to finish. With its integrated oven and processing stations, this model replicates real-world manufacturing processes, providing a deep understanding of industrial operations.

Enhance Technical Skills: 🚀 Develop essential skills in automation, control systems, and PLC programming. The Multi Processing Station offers practical training opportunities for mastering complex industrial technologies.

Versatile Learning Platform: 💡 Ideal for educational institutions and training centers, this model supports a wide range of learning objectives. Whether studying industrial automation, robotics, or process engineering, the Multi Processing Station offers a versatile platform for hands-on experimentation.

Realistic Simulation: 🌟 Built with precision and attention to detail, the Multi Processing Station provides a realistic simulation of industrial environments. From material handling to quality control, students can engage in immersive learning experiences that mirror real-world challenges.

Integrated PLC Control: 🔧 The model features a circuit board with relays for motor control, enabling seamless integration with PLC systems. With multiple digital inputs and outputs, users can connect external devices for enhanced functionality and experimentation.

Safety and Durability: ⚠️ Built on a sturdy wooden base and packaged in a robust cardboard box, the Multi Processing Station prioritizes safety and durability. Its high-quality construction ensures long-lasting performance in educational settings.

Expandable Options: 📈 Available in both 9V and 24V configurations, the Multi Processing Station offers flexibility to suit various training requirements. Additional modules and accessories can be seamlessly integrated to expand the learning experience.

Embark on a journey of industrial discovery with the fischertechnik Multi Processing Station With Oven 24V, where learning meets innovation! 🎓🏭


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