Numberblocks Counting Puzzle Set

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Unlock the joy of counting with the Numberblocks Counting Puzzle Set! Designed for kids aged 3 and up, this puzzle nurtures counting skills, color recognition, and fine motor abilities.

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Introduce young learners to the fascinating world of numbers with the Numberblocks Counting Puzzle Set. This unique set offers a delightful and engaging way to teach counting from 1-20. As children fit together the chunky and durable pieces, they’ll interact with the vibrant Numberblocks and Numberblobs, learning to recognize each Numberblock’s Numbering and honing their color recognition. The self-correcting puzzle pieces are crafted in a way that ensures there’s only one correct solution, giving children a sense of accomplishment with every puzzle they complete. Beyond just counting, this set also plays a pivotal role in enhancing fine motor skills, making it a must-have STEAM kit for every young mathematician.


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