Ozobot Colour Markers (Black, Red, Blue, Green)

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The Ozobot Colour Markers set includes black, red, blue, and green markers, enabling creative drawing and programming for Ozobot robots.

  • Set of four Ozobot color markers: black, red, blue, and green.
  • Designed for use with Ozobot robots.
  • Enables drawing lines and paths for robot navigation.
  • Encourages creativity and interactive learning.
  • Enhances programming and coding skills.

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Ozobot Colour Markers (Black, Red, Blue, Green): Where Art Meets Algorithm!


? A Palette of Possibilities Step into a vivid world of coding with this pack of color markers. Each hue is not just a shade but an instruction, making your Ozobot dance, dash, and dart in delightful patterns.

? Colours that Command Each color in this pack holds a unique command for your Ozobot. Red could mean ‘turn,’ and blue might signify ‘dash.’ Discover the language of colors and direct your robot in myriad ways.

? Inspire Vibrant Creations Paint a vibrant tapestry of tracks, mazes, and challenges. Whether it’s a scenic cityscape or a tricky trail, these markers breathe life into your visions.

? Interactive Learning at Its Best Blend the thrill of art with the logic of coding. Let students learn programming concepts in the most colorful way, ensuring retention and sparking interest.

? Wash and Redo Mistakes are stepping stones to success. And with these washable markers, every error can be easily erased, allowing for continuous iteration and improvement.

Ergonomic Design for Precision Crafted for comfort, these markers ensure that every line and curve drawn is accurate. Whether it’s intricate details or broad strokes, achieve perfection with ease.

? Complete Your Ozobot Ecosystem Pair these markers with Ozobot maps, stickers, and sensors. Delve into a realm where every hue is a command, every design a story.

? Travel-friendly Coding Companions Compact and light, these markers are your perfect partners for coding sessions wherever you go. Never miss an opportunity to code, create, and collaborate.


Craft. Code. Celebrate. The Ozobot Colour Markers (Black, Red, Blue, Green) are more than just stationery; they are the keys to a universe where art and logic coalesce. Perfect for educators, students, and budding artists, these markers offer an interactive and vivid approach to coding. Dive into a world where each shade sketches a saga, and every design dictates a dance!


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