Ozobot Labels – Colour Codes 160 Stickers

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The Ozobot Labels – Colour Codes 160 Stickers allow customization of Ozobot robot programming using color codes, fostering interactive learning.

  • Set of 160 stickers designed for Ozobot robots.
  • Enables customization of robot programming through color codes.
  • Enhances interactive learning and coding experience.
  • Provides hands-on engagement with technology.
  • Supports creative and educational activities.

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Ozobot Labels – Colour Codes 160 Stickers: A Burst of Interactive Learning and Fun!


? Dive into the World of Colors Explore the magic of Ozobot robots with the Colour Codes stickers. Packed with 160 vibrant stickers, dive deep into interactive play while commanding your Ozobot with a splash of color.

Teach, Program, Play These stickers aren’t just for decoration. Each color has a distinct command, teaching children the basics of coding and programming in the most fun and interactive way.

? A Palette of Possibilities With a multitude of color combinations, unlock endless Ozobot actions. Whether it’s making it dance, spin, or zigzag, your Ozobot will respond to every colorful command.

? A Great Educational Tool Introduce these stickers in your classroom or home learning sessions. They make programming tangible, helping kids visualize and understand the core concepts behind coding.

? Peel, Stick, Command The easy peel-and-stick mechanism ensures a smooth experience. Place them on any surface, and watch your Ozobot come alive as it follows the colorful trails.

? Create Your Own Ozobot World Combine multiple sticker packs to design intricate mazes, trails, or challenges. Organize group activities, stimulate creativity, and watch children collaborate and problem-solve.

? Compact and Travel-Friendly Lightweight and easy-to-store, carry these stickers wherever you go. Whether it’s a classroom, a friend’s place, or during travel, you’re always ready for an Ozobot adventure.

? Gift of Interactive Learning Perfect for tech enthusiasts, budding programmers, or kids with a passion for interactive play. These stickers promise not just fun, but a rich learning experience.


The Ozobot Labels – Colour Codes 160 Stickers are more than just vibrant pieces of adhesive. They’re gateways to a world where colors command, play meets learning, and every trail leads to a new discovery. Unbox, stick, and embark on an Ozobot journey like no other!


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