Photon Magnetic Masks Basic Set

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Elevate your Photon robot’s personality with the Magnetic Masks Basic Set. Includes 6 masks, 5 pre-designed, and 1 blank for personalization.

  • Enhance robot’s appeal with 6 magnetic masks.
  • 5 pre-designed options + 1 blank mask for customization.
  • Promotes creativity and personal expression.
  • Ideal for classrooms, STEM camps, and educational programs.
  • Quick and easy setup; compatible with Photon robots.

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🎭 Dive into the world of creativity and customization with the Photon Magnetic Masks Basic Set! Personalize your Photon robot with six magnetic masks, including five pre-designed options and one blank canvas for imaginative expression.

Unleash Creativity:

🎨 Let your students express themselves by decorating their Photon robots with a variety of magnetic masks. Whether it’s adding whimsical features, colorful patterns, or expressive designs, these masks provide a canvas for imaginative exploration and creative expression.

Easy Customization:

🧩 The set features five pre-designed masks along with one blank mask, offering versatility and flexibility in customization. Students can choose from the pre-designed options or unleash their creativity on the blank canvas, making each robot truly unique and reflective of their individual style.

Versatile Application:

🌟 Designed for use in classrooms, STEM labs, and educational workshops, these magnetic masks enhance learning experiences across various settings. Incorporate them into lessons on robotics, coding, or storytelling to engage students and spark curiosity in STEM subjects.

Enhanced Learning Experience:

📚 By integrating magnetic masks into educational activities, educators can create dynamic and interactive lessons that inspire hands-on learning. As students design and personalize their robots, they develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and creativity, aligning with STEM learning objectives.

Durable Construction:

💪 Crafted from high-quality materials, these magnetic masks are built to withstand the rigors of classroom use. Their sturdy construction ensures durability, allowing students to enjoy countless hours of educational exploration without worrying about wear and tear.

Endless Possibilities:

🚀 With the Magnetic Masks Basic Set, the possibilities for educational engagement are endless. From themed projects and collaborative challenges to creative storytelling and role-playing activities, these masks offer a versatile tool for educators to enrich their curriculum and inspire learning.

Transform your Photon robot into a unique and captivating character with the Magnetic Masks Basic Set, igniting imagination and learning in the classroom! 🤖🎭


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