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Photon Special Education Kit

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Unlock inclusive education with the Photon Special Education Teaching Kit, designed to support children with ASD and social-emotional disorders. Explore its features below:

  • Offers 50 lesson scenarios tailored for children with ASD and emotional-social needs.
  • Includes 30 activities for ASD children focusing on communication, cognition, and social skills, along with 20 activities for enhancing social-emotional skills.
  • Intuitive design requires no technical skills, making it accessible for educators and therapists.
  • Flexible lesson plans adaptable for both group and individual settings, catering to diverse learning needs.
  • Promotes emotional awareness, communication skills, and balanced development through engaging exercises and the interdisciplinary Photon robot.
  • Suitable for kindergarten and primary school levels, empowering educators to create inclusive learning environments.


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🌟 Embark on a transformative educational journey with the Photon Special Education Teaching Kit by Photon Education! 🎓 This innovative kit is meticulously crafted to support children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and emotional/social disorders, providing a holistic approach to learning and development.

🔍 Designed by experienced teachers and therapists, the kit serves as a comprehensive resource for educators, therapists, and parents alike, empowering them to facilitate meaningful learning experiences for special needs children.

🤖 The Photon robot serves as a friendly and engaging companion, guiding students through the complexities of social norms and everyday challenges. With its intuitive interface, the robot captivates, motivates, and encourages students to reach their full potential.

🎨 The kit features 50 meticulously designed lesson scenarios, including 30 activities tailored for children with ASD and 20 activities focused on enhancing social-emotional skills. Each activity is thoughtfully categorized into developmental areas, offering flexibility for individualized lesson planning.

💡 Through the use of interactive exercises and AAC communication system cards, students develop essential communication skills while exploring emotions, social interactions, and cognitive abilities in a supportive and inclusive environment.

🚀 Whether used for group sessions or individualized instruction, the Photon Special Education Teaching Kit fosters a sense of belonging, self-expression, and personal growth for students in kindergarten and primary school.

Unlock the potential of every student with the Photon Special Education Teaching Kit and create inclusive learning environments where every child can thrive! 🌈📚


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