Punching Machine with Conveyor Belt 24V

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Step into industrial automation with the Punching Machine Conveyor 24V. Simulate and train with precision using this versatile model.

  • Simulates industrial punching and conveying processes.
  • Stable design for reliable operation.
  • Compatible with 24V PLC control systems.
  • Ideal for training and simulation purposes.
  • Easy setup and connection to control systems.
  • Available in 9V and 24V options.
  • Combines effectively with other training models.
  • Packaged securely for transportation.
  • Enhances understanding of industrial automation.
  • Quick and efficient operation for various applications.


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🏭 Step into the world of industrial automation with fischertechnik’s Punching Machine with Conveyor Belt 24V! 🤖 This advanced model offers a comprehensive simulation of industrial processes, making it an invaluable tool for training and education in manufacturing and automation industries.

🔧 Realistic Simulation: Experience the intricate workings of a punching machine with a conveyor belt, meticulously designed to replicate real-world industrial processes. From conveying workpieces to precise punching operations, this model offers an authentic experience.

🔌 PLC Integration: Seamlessly integrate the punching machine with conveyor belt into PLC control systems for enhanced functionality and automation. With inputs for digital signals and outputs for 24V operations, it offers versatility and compatibility with industry-standard control systems.

💡 Educational Value: Mounted on a solid wooden plate and securely packaged, this model is ideal for educational environments, providing stability, durability, and ease of setup. It serves as an excellent training tool for students, professionals, and educators alike.

🌎 Worldwide Compatibility: Available in both 9V standard voltage and the widely-used 24V industrial standard, the punching machine caters to diverse training needs and global industrial standards.

⚙️ Versatile Functionality: With inputs for digital signals and outputs for 24V operations, this model offers versatility and adaptability for various training scenarios. Whether it’s for simulating industrial processes or conducting hands-on training exercises, this model delivers exceptional performance and functionality.

📦 Complete Package: Packaged in a sturdy cardboard box, the punching machine with conveyor belt arrives fully assembled and ready to use, providing convenience and ease of setup. It offers a complete solution for industrial training, simulation, and demonstration purposes.

Embark on a journey of industrial discovery and skill development with fischertechnik’s Punching Machine with Conveyor Belt 24V. Ideal for training, simulation, and education in the fields of automation, manufacturing, and engineering.


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