Puzzle Adding and Subtracting Set

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Master the basics of math with the Puzzle Adding and Subtracting Set! Featuring the characters from the TV series Numberblocks, this collection of 20 two-piece puzzles makes learning addition and subtraction a blast.

  • Interactive puzzles for foundational math skills
  • Perfect for young learners
  • Inspired by the hit TV series Numberblocks

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The Puzzle Adding and Subtracting Set brings the excitement of the award-winning TV series Numberblocks into the realm of educational play. Designed for young minds, this set includes 20 vibrant, two-piece puzzles that combine to form a fun and interactive learning experience.

As children piece together each puzzle, they’re not only practicing their addition and subtraction, but also boosting their color recognition and fine motor skills. Each puzzle presents a simple math problem: one piece shows a Numberblocks sum or difference, and the other piece has the correct answer. The puzzles are cleverly crafted to fit together in only one way, ensuring that there’s just one right answer, which helps in self-correction.

Included in the set are 10 addition and 10 subtraction puzzles, representing numbers Zero to Ten. The large, durable cardboard pieces are easy for little hands to handle and can be neatly stored in the reusable box after playtime. Completed puzzles measure 15 cm in length and 10 cm in width.

This first Numberblocks puzzle set is the perfect way to help little ones build their basic addition and subtraction skills. As they match each math question to its correct answer, children will enjoy a sense of accomplishment, and parents will appreciate the educational value.


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