Puzzle Globe

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The Puzzle Globe is an exciting, interactive way to introduce geography to young learners. With six continental puzzle pieces, names of oceans, and historical landmarks, this globe offers a tactile experience for kids to engage with the Earth’s geography. Featuring a relief design for accurate matching and multilingual packaging, it’s an excellent educational gift for children aged 6-8 for birthdays and holidays.

  • Introduce early geography concepts
  • Learn about continents, oceans, and landmarks
  • Raised continent design for easy matching
  • Encourages shape recognition with distinct peg shapes
  • Ideal for educational play and room decor

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Dive into the world of geography with the vibrant Puzzle Globe! Perfect for young explorers, this educational tool combines the fun of a puzzle with the fundamentals of early geography. The globe features six removable continent pieces, labeled with oceans and adorned with historical monuments, to stimulate learning and discovery.

The raised outlines on the globe ensure that kids have a sensory learning experience, confirming their placement with both visual and tactile feedback. Not just a puzzle, this globe also teaches shape recognition; each continent piece connects with a uniquely shaped peg, allowing children to self-correct and enhance their problem-solving skills.

This set includes the globe, six continent pieces with labels, and customizable labels for a personalized learning journey. The rotating base gives a comprehensive 360° view, inviting kids to explore every angle of our planet. With continent pieces showcasing animals and famous landmarks, children have the opportunity to learn about the world’s diverse environments and inhabitants.

Ideal for early years foundation stage (EYFS) education, the Puzzle Globe encourages children to discuss the characteristics of different environments and the living things that inhabit them. It’s perfect for both solo and group play, measuring 20cm in diameter and 27cm in height.

Complete with multilingual packaging and an activity guide, this Puzzle Globe is an excellent addition to any learning environment, providing a colorful and engaging platform for children to learn about the world around them.


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