Robobloq 3-in-1 Pack “Animal” for Q-Scout

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The Robobloq 3-in-1 STEAM Pack “Animal” for Q-Scout is a creative expansion that transforms your Q-Scout into three fascinating animals.

  • Three animal-themed attachments: Frog, Mantis Shrimp, and Beast.
  • Enhances Q-Scout’s versatility, fostering imaginative play.
  • Encourages hands-on assembly and exploration of mechanics.
  • Supports STEAM learning by combining science, technology, engineering, art, and math.
  • Interactive way to teach coding, creativity, and problem-solving.

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Robobloq 3-in-1 Pack “Animal” for Q-Scout


? Dive into the Diverse World of Robotics Embark on a unique robotic experience with Robobloq’s “Animal” pack for Q-Scout. Witness the natural wonders from ponds to deep seas and untamed lands. Dive deep and roam free with these captivating animal designs.

? A Trio of Natural Wonders Expand the boundaries of your imagination! Unleash the vibrancy of nature with three extraordinary animal configurations. Transform your Q-Scout into a leaping frog, a powerful mantis shrimp, or the untamed beast, each offering its own blend of charm and functionality.

? Nature’s Spectacle in Action Every animal form is not just about the aesthetic—it’s a distinctive experience. Observe your frog’s nimble jump, the mantis shrimp’s swift punch, and the beast’s raw power and dominance. Robotics, infused with the magic of nature!

? Seamless Transition, Effortless Creation The “Animal” pack is tailored for simplicity and adaptability. With intuitive guidelines and a modular design, watch as your Q-Scout effortlessly embodies the spirit of these wild creatures.

? Nature-Inspired Movements, Cutting-Edge Tech Utilize advanced motion technologies and intricate programming to mirror genuine animal behaviors. The frog’s buoyant leap, the mantis shrimp’s rapid strike, and the beast’s imposing presence are magnificently recreated.

? Educate Through Exploration While indulging in the fun, delve deep into essential STEM principles. Grasp the underlying science of animal movements and the intricacies of programming to emulate the essence of these beings.

? Evolve, Adapt, and Rediscover The allure of the 3-in-1 pack lies in its boundless adaptability. With the “Animal” pack for Q-Scout, transformations are endless. Refashion, reinvent, and revisit the wonders of nature as often as your heart desires.


Awaken the Spirit of Nature with Robobloq The Robobloq 3-in-1 Pack “Animal” for Q-Scout is not just another accessory—it’s a gateway to a realm where technology meets nature. Engage with the thrilling facets of the wild and redefine your robotic adventures with the frog, mantis shrimp, and the beast! ???.


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