Robot Sensor For BEE-BOT OR BLUE-BOT

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The TTS Robot Sensor for Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot expands robot capabilities with sensor technology, fostering interactive and engaging learning experiences.

  • Sensor module compatible with Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot robots.
  • Enhances interactivity by adding sensor technology.
  • Enables robots to respond to their environment.
  • Fosters hands-on exploration and learning.
  • Expands coding and problem-solving possibilities in educational settings.

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Unveiling the TTS Robot Sensor for Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot: Enhance, Explore, Educate!


? Embark on Sensory Adventures Introduce your Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to the incredible world of sensory detection! With the TTS Robot Sensor, your educational robots can now perceive their surroundings like never before.

? Sharp, Responsive Sensing Designed to seamlessly integrate with your robots, this sensor boasts sharp accuracy and rapid response times. It acts as the ‘eyes and ears’, allowing the robots to interact more dynamically with their environment.

? Color Recognition Unleashed With an in-built ability to distinguish colors, tasks, and challenges can now include color-based activities. Guide your robot to identify, follow, or avoid certain colors, adding layers to the learning experience.

? Sound Sensing: Listen & React The sensor can pick up on auditory cues, enabling your Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to respond to claps, music, or even spoken commands. Turn every learning session into an engaging and interactive soundscape.

? Easy Integration & Operation Designed keeping user-friendliness in mind, attaching the TTS Robot Sensor to your Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot is a breeze. With minimal setup, your robot is ready to showcase its new sensing prowess.

? Building Curiosity and Exploration The addition of sensory capabilities in robotics fosters curiosity. Students are encouraged to test, hypothesize, and observe robot reactions, making learning more explorative and hands-on.

? Versatile in Application Be it navigating mazes, following color-coded paths, or responding to sound-based tasks, the sensor exponentially increases the activity possibilities in both classroom and home settings.

? Fostering Computational Thinking By understanding how robots process sensory data and react to stimuli, students gain a foundational grasp of computational thinking and algorithms—a key skill in today’s tech-driven world.


The TTS Robot Sensor for Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot is not just an add-on; it’s a transformative tool that amplifies the educational potential of your robots. Engage your students in multi-sensory experiences and deepen their understanding of technology, logic, and the world around them. Dive into a richer, more interactive robotic journey today!


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