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Soft Foam Cross-Section Earth Model

20,99 tax included

Explore the hidden layers of Earth with the Soft Foam Cross-Section Earth Display Model by Learning Resources. Ideal for educational exploration, this award-winning soft foam model is split into hemispheres to reveal the inner layers of our planet—core to crust. It’s a hands-on way to discover the depths, temperatures, and composition of Earth’s layers, all made accessible to young geologists.

  • Soft, durable foam Earth model with cross-section design
  • Features detailed layers of Earth with temperatures and depths
  • Includes an activity guide with facts
  • Measures 13cm in diameter, perfect for small hands

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Delve into the structure of our planet with the Soft Foam Cross-Section Earth Display Model from Learning Resources. This colorful, engaging model has won awards for its ability to educate and fascinate children. With a diameter of approximately 13cm, the model is perfect for individual or group study.

The outside surface showcases the continents and oceans with tactile, raised features. When opened, the model reveals brightly colored hemispheres, each one illustrating Earth’s four main internal layers, complete with annotations for their respective depths and temperatures.

Constructed from soft, unbreakable foam, the model is designed to withstand the curious hands of eager learners. It serves as a wonderful introduction to Earth science, offering a tangible learning experience that can stimulate discussion and enhance memory retention.

This educational tool comes with an activity and fact guide, providing educators and parents with resources to direct the learning experience. It’s an excellent choice for classroom demonstrations, homeschooling environments, or any setting where interactive learning is encouraged.


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