3D Solar System Mobile Making Kit

20,49 tax included

Embark on an interstellar crafting journey with the 4M 3D Solar System Mobile Making Kit. Kids aged 5+ can build, paint, and display a glowing model of the cosmos right in their room.

  • Fluorescent paint effects for a realistic glow
  • Includes all necessary components for assembly
  • Features educational content on the Solar System
  • Brand: 4M
  • Dimensions: Mobile: 42cm (W) x 60cm (L); Packaging: 22cm (H) x 17cm (W) x 6cm (L)

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The 4M 3D Solar System Mobile Making Kit is a stellar blend of art and science, inviting children aged 5 and up to create a mesmerizing hanging mobile of our Solar System. This hands-on educational toy not only fuels creativity but also illuminates the mind with fascinating facts about the cosmos.

Included in the kit are all the essential materials needed to build a full set of three-dimensional planetary bodies. Children will love using the provided paints to color their planets, giving life to Mercury, Venus, Earth, and their celestial neighbors. Each planet can be coated with fluorescent paint and exposed to light; once the lights are off, the Solar System comes to life, glowing brightly in the dark.

Assembling the mobile is an engaging activity that improves motor skills and encourages an understanding of spatial relationships. With the Sun at the center, each painted planet can be hung using the fishing line, creating a dynamic and accurate representation of our planetary neighborhood.

The kit also comes with a poster filled with intriguing information about the Solar System, so every young astronaut can learn as they play. By bringing the heavens into the home, this 4M craft project turns into a scientific exploration that is both informative and enchanting.

With the dimensions of the mobile reaching 42cm in width and 60cm in length, it makes for an impressive display in any child’s room or classroom. It’s not just a mobile; it’s an educational tool that glows with wonder, igniting the imagination with every rotation.


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