Sphero Jump Ramp Pack Orange

32,99 tax included

The Sphero Jump Ramp Pack Orange offers excitement with a ramp accessory, enhancing Sphero robotic toys for thrilling jumps and tricks.

  • Orange jump ramp accessory for Sphero robotic toys.
  • Enables robots to perform exciting jumps and tricks.
  • Enhances play and creativity with dynamic movement.
  • Durable construction for repeated use.
  • Encourages active and engaging robotic adventures.

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Sphero Jump Ramp Pack Orange: Skyrocket Your Sphero Play Experience!


? Elevate the Excitement! Unleash the full potential of your Sphero robots with the Jump Ramp Pack in vibrant orange. Designed to elevate your play sessions, these ramps offer a new dimension of thrill and challenge.

? Bold and Beautiful in Orange Make a striking statement with our brilliantly colored ramp. Not only functional, but it’s also a visual treat that adds a dash of energy to your play arena.

? Sturdy Construction, Reliable Fun Crafted with durability in mind, our ramp pack promises countless jump sessions without faltering. Its robust construction ensures that your Sphero robot lands safely every time.

? A Learning Curve Use the Jump Ramp Pack as an educational tool. Challenge students or kids to predict trajectories, calculate distances, or understand the physics behind motion, all while having a blast.

? Endless Configurations Get creative with how you set up your ramps. Whether you’re looking for high-flying stunts or precise landings, the Jump Ramp Pack caters to all your adventurous needs.

? Team Up for Tournaments Combine multiple ramp packs for a full-blown Sphero obstacle course. Organize races, stunts, or jumping tournaments and watch the excitement unfold.

? Compact & Portable Easily disassembled and lightweight, the ramp pack is your perfect companion for on-the-go fun. Whether at a park, a friend’s house, or in a classroom, it’s adventure time, anytime!

? Gift the Thrill Perfect for Sphero enthusiasts, tech lovers, or kids with a penchant for action-packed play. The Jump Ramp Pack promises to be a gift that keeps the adrenaline pumping.


The Sphero Jump Ramp Pack Orange isn’t just an accessory; it’s an invitation to a world of high-flying stunts, challenges, and exhilarating fun. Embrace the action, make every play session memorable, and watch your Sphero robot soar to new heights. Ready, set, jump!


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