Steggy the Fine Motor Dino

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Meet Steggy the Fine Motor Dino, your child’s prehistoric playmate designed to boost fine motor skills, color, and number recognition through fun and engaging play!

  • Develop essential fine motor skills with Steggy
  • Practice pincer grip with thumb and forefinger
  • Learn color matching and number recognition with fun
  • Scales store inside Steggy for quick cleanup
  • Ideal for young learners and curious minds

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Embark on a prehistoric adventure with Steggy the Fine Motor Dino from Learning Resources! This friendly dinosaur isn’t just another toy – it’s a playful way to develop the hand strength and fine motor skills kids need to succeed in school and beyond. With 10 vibrant, removable scales, children can practice their pincer grip using thumb and index finger, building hand strength and coordination.

Each scale is not just a tool for motor skills development; they’re also a gateway to learning colors and numbers. With numbered surfaces from 1 to 10, Steggy’s scales encourage kids to count, sort by warm and cool colors, and engage in numerous educational play activities.

When the fun is over, cleaning up is a breeze. The durable plastic scales can be wiped clean and neatly tucked away inside Steggy, making it the perfect toy for both at-home play and on-the-go learning.


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