Storage and Transport Case

1,299,99 tax included

Safely store and transport your fischertechnik factory models with the Fischertechnik Transport Case.

  • Tailored to fit fischertechnik factory models precisely.
  • Perfect for trade shows, on-site demonstrations, or storage.
  • Easily move models without removing them from the case.
  • Aluminum case-maker profile with plastic plates and steel tilt handles.
  • Soft foam blocks and internal zipper pockets for cables and accessories.


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📦 Explore the ultimate solution for transporting and storing your fischertechnik models with the Fischertechnik Storage and Transport Case! Ideal for trade shows, demonstrations, or simply keeping your creations safe.

🔒 Secure Protection: Safeguard your fischertechnik factory models with a customized case precisely matched to their dimensions, ensuring optimal protection during transit and storage.

🛠️ Convenient Design: The case features a practical design with a lower compartment for the factory model and an easily removable upper hood, eliminating the need to move the model once placed.

💼 Versatile Usage: Perfect for users who frequently transport their factory models to trade fairs, demonstrations, or customer meetings. It offers a convenient way to showcase your creations to colleagues or customers.

📱 Compatible Apps: Enhance your fischertechnik experience with the Sphero Edu app for coding activities or the Sphero Play app for arcade-style games, offering endless entertainment options for users of all ages.

🌟 High-Quality Construction: Crafted from durable materials including aluminum case-maker profile, plastic plates, and steel tilt handles, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

⚙️ Tech Specs: Features include gyroscope, accelerometer, LED light, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection, micro USB charging, and compatibility with iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, Windows, and Chrome.

Experience the convenience and reliability of the Fischertechnik Storage and Transport Case, designed to meet the needs of tech enthusiasts and educators alike. Whether you’re showcasing your models or keeping them safe during transit, this case offers the perfect solution for all your storage and transport needs.


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