Training Factory Industry 4.0 24V

7,499,99 tax included

Step into the future with the Training Factory 4.0 24V. This advanced educational system offers hands-on learning in Industry 4.0 concepts.

  • Controlled by PLC for seamless operation
  • Equipped with pre-written program for easy integration
  • Latest adapter boards enhance experimentation capabilities
  • Connects to fischertechnik cloud for flexibility
  • Includes structured text program for customization
  • Secure data storage and access via integrated WLAN router
  • Features two dashboards for comprehensive monitoring
  • Intuitive controls for effective production management
  • NFC/RFID reader and environment sensor for real-time tracking
  • Compatible with AV/VR applications for immersive learning.


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🏭 Dive into the world of Industry 4.0 with the Training Factory 4.0 24V by fischertechnik! This comprehensive learning environment offers a hands-on approach to understanding modern manufacturing processes and automation technologies.

🔧 Build and Explore: Assemble the factory modules, including storage stations, robots, and processing units, to simulate real-world production workflows. Experience the thrill of designing and optimizing production lines.

💡 Learn Industry Concepts: Gain insight into Industry 4.0 applications through interactive simulations of the ordering, production, and delivery processes. Understand digitized and networked manufacturing environments.

📡 PLC Control & Cloud Connectivity: Connect the factory to a PLC for precise control and monitoring. Utilize cloud-based dashboards to visualize production data, track inventory, and analyze sensor readings in real-time.

🌐 Flexibility and Compatibility: The Training Factory 4.0 24V is compatible with various PLC models and brands, offering flexibility for customization and integration into existing educational or industrial setups.

🎓 Educational Benefits: Foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and STEM skills in students and professionals alike. Explore topics such as robotics, automation, IoT, and data analytics in an engaging and practical manner.

Embark on a journey of discovery with the Training Factory 4.0 24V and unlock the potential of Industry 4.0 technologies in education and training! 🚀🔍


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