Training Factory Industry 4.0 9V V.2

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Dive into Industry 4.0 with the fischertechnik Training Factory 9V V.2. Explore hands-on learning with simulation, NFC/RFID traceability, and cloud connectivity.

  • Training and simulation on a realistic production image, in-depth learning through haptic grasping
  • Optical and sensory applications, digital traceability with NFC/RFID
  • Integrated cloud connection, control via smart devices, as well as use and operation of dashboards
  • Remote monitoring via camera possible as well as linking of production and disposition data
  • Connection of upstream/downstream logistics processes


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🏭 Step into the digital revolution with fischertechnik’s Training Factory Industry 4.0 9V V.2! 🚀 Experience hands-on training and simulation in a realistic production environment, exploring the forefront of Industry 4.0 technologies.

🤖 Dive into Realistic Simulations: Immerse yourself in a lifelike production image, mastering haptic grasping and optical and sensory applications. Explore digital traceability using NFC/RFID technology, enhancing your understanding of modern manufacturing processes.

🔗 Embrace Digital Connectivity: Utilize integrated cloud connection to control the factory via smart devices and dashboards. Experience remote monitoring through cameras, linking production and disposition data for comprehensive analysis.

🔄 Connect Logistics Processes: Experience the integration of upstream and downstream logistics processes, understanding the digitally-driven change in industrial production. Learn how networking and intelligent information enhance efficiency and productivity at all levels.

🎓 Ideal for Education and Research: Suitable for vocational schools, universities, and corporate training, this modular model offers a cost-effective and robust training environment. Explore Industry 4.0 applications in-depth, preparing for the future of manufacturing.

💡 Develop Critical Skills: Enhance problem-solving, critical thinking, and technical skills essential for success in the digital age. With flexible programming options and comprehensive control features, learners can experiment and innovate with confidence.

📡 Control with TXT 4.0 Controllers: The Learning Factory 4.0 is powered by fischertechnik TXT 4.0 controllers, offering advanced features for precise control. Explore the controller’s capabilities, from its ARM processor to its Bluetooth/WLAN radio module, empowering you to master Industry 4.0 technologies.

Embark on an educational journey with the Training Factory Industry 4.0 9V V.2, where innovation meets hands-on learning for the next generation of industry professionals! 🌐🔧


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