Washable Ozobot Markers Black PACK4

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The Washable Ozobot Markers Black PACK4 includes four washable markers that let you draw lines and paths for Ozobot robots.

  • Set of four black washable markers.
  • Specifically designed for use with Ozobot robots.
  • Allows users to draw lines and paths for robot navigation.
  • Supports creative and interactive robot programming.
  • Washable for easy cleanup and reuse.

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Washable Ozobot Markers Black PACK4: Dive into Coding with a Stroke of Creativity!


Unleash Your Inner Artist Empower your creativity and watch as every line, doodle, and design transforms into dynamic Ozobot actions. The black marker is not just an accessory; it’s a tool to weave technology and art seamlessly.

? Beginner-Friendly Coding Introduce young learners to the magic of programming. With the Ozobot markers, coding becomes tangible. Each line drawn crafts a unique path for Ozobot, making coding lessons more engaging and hands-on.

? Mistake-Friendly, Kid-Approved Made a mistake? No worries! These washable markers ensure that every wrong line can be wiped clean, allowing for limitless attempts, experiments, and improvements.

? Perfect Grip for Tiny Hands Ergonomically designed, the Ozobot markers provide a comfortable grip, ensuring precise and easy maneuverability for children.

? Classroom and Home Ready Incorporate these markers into STEM/STEAM lessons or use them for fun-filled coding sessions at home. Their versatility makes them ideal for both structured learning and playful exploration.

? Design Challenges and Mazes Let students craft their own mazes, challenges, or interactive stories. With these markers, the possibilities are endless, fostering creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration.

? Expand Your Ozobot Universe Pair these markers with Ozobot maps, stickers, and more. Dive deep into an ecosystem where every drawn line adds depth, narrative, and action to your Ozobot’s world.

? Portable and Compact Lightweight and easy to carry, these markers are perfect for on-the-go coding sessions. Whether it’s a park, a friend’s house, or during travel, always be ready for an Ozobot adventure.


Discover. Draw. Code. The Washable Ozobot Markers Black PACK4 are not just markers; they’re bridges to a world where drawing meets coding. Ideal for both kids and educators, these markers open up a universe where creativity has no bounds, and learning is as interactive as it gets. Dive in, draw, and watch as every line crafts a story of its own!


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