Sketch Kit for Dash & Cue

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The Wonder Workshop Sketch Kit unleashes creativity with its robot companion, allowing kids to draw, code, and bring their ideas to life.

  • Creative drawing and coding companion for kids
  • Allows kids to draw, code, and animate their own creations
  • Integrates with compatible Wonder Workshop robots
  • Includes a variety of drawing tools and accessories
  • Supports visual programming and interactive storytelling
  • Encourages artistic expression and imagination
  • Teaches basic coding concepts in a fun and hands-on way
  • Offers a range of pre-made coding projects and challenges
  • Provides step-by-step tutorials for beginners
  • Promotes STEAM education and creativity

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Introducing the Wonder Workshop Sketch Kit: The Ultimate Creative Accessory for Dash & Cue


Unleash your child’s artistic potential and take their coding skills to a whole new level with the Wonder Workshop Sketch Kit – the ultimate creative accessory for the Dash and Cue robots. This innovative and engaging add-on offers countless opportunities for artistic expression, enabling kids to learn, create, and explore in a fun, interactive way while enhancing their programming and STEM education.


Bring Artwork to Life with the Sketch Kit App


The Sketch Kit works seamlessly with the Blockly and Cue apps, allowing children to transform their coding concepts into stunning visuals. This app, available for both Android and iOS devices, enables users to create and explore with a simple drag-and-drop interface. With numerous stimulating artistic projects and challenges, the Sketch Kit app provides a fun and engaging environment for kids to learn the principles of coding, logical thinking, and creative design.


A World of Creativity with Dash & Cue


Designed to work in tandem with the Dash and Cue robots, the Sketch Kit allows children to harness the power of their coding skills to create unique artwork. By programming their robots to draw, kids can develop their understanding of geometry, spatial awareness, and artistry, all while enjoying the thrill of bringing their creative visions to life.


Easy-to-Use Drawing Accessories


The Kit includes a durable harness, allowing for easy attachment to both Dash and Cue robots. With six washable colored markers and a whiteboard-style drawing surface, children can easily create their masterpieces and erase them to start anew. The kit also comes with a whiteboard eraser and cleaning cloth, ensuring that your child’s artistic workspace stays neat and tidy.


Endless Possibilities for Creative Play


One of the most appealing features of the Sketch Kit is its ability to blend coding and creativity. With a range of drawing and artistic projects available, children can personalize their artwork and explore different styles and techniques. These activities not only enhance playtime but also introduce kids to more advanced coding concepts and provide additional opportunities for learning and exploration.


Nurturing the Artist and the Coder


The Wonder Workshop Sketch Kit is designed to inspire a love for learning and a deep understanding of coding while nurturing your child’s artistic talents. By fostering collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills, this kit prepares children for the future and opens up a world of possibilities in the rapidly growing fields of technology, robotics, and art.

In summary, the Wonder Workshop Sketch Kit is the perfect investment in your child’s education and development. With its engaging design, seamless integration with Dash and Cue robots, and endless opportunities for growth and exploration, the Sketch Kit promises to be a favorite companion and learning tool for years to come.



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