Cubetto Logic Pack

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The Cubetto Logic Pack is a versatile kit designed to extend coding adventures, promoting logic and problem-solving skills in children.

  • Compatible with the Cubetto Educational Coding Robot.
  • Offers new challenges and puzzles to enhance coding proficiency.
  • Develops logical thinking and critical reasoning through engaging activities.
  • Expands the learning experience by introducing advanced coding concepts.
  • Encourages experimentation and creativity while mastering coding fundamentals.
  • Provides a comprehensive educational tool for educators and parents to nurture young minds.

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Cubetto Logic Pack: Puzzles, Programming, and Problem-Solving!


? Minds in Motion Delve deep into the world of logical thinking with Cubetto. This Logic Pack is tailored to challenge, stimulate, and hone those budding cognitive skills in little learners.

? Logical Labyrinths Navigate through intricate mazes, avoid obstacles, and solve brain-teasing challenges. Each puzzle is designed to enhance critical thinking and sharpen logical reasoning.

? Brain-Boosting Blocks With special coding blocks designed exclusively for this pack, Cubetto transforms into a logic-centric explorer. Every block is a lesson in deduction, sequencing, and spatial awareness.

? Dynamic Domains From abstract arenas to tangible terrains, Cubetto traverses a variety of landscapes, each introducing a unique logical challenge. Decipher patterns, predict sequences, and chart pathways to success.

? Robot’s Rational Quest Cubetto’s journey in this pack is not just about reaching a destination but understanding the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind every move. It’s a playful plunge into the profound principles of logic.

? Educational Escapades Beyond foundational coding, this pack nurtures analytical thought, pattern recognition, and decision-making skills, crucial for STEM success and beyond.


Discover, Deduce, and Deliver! The Cubetto Logic Pack is not just another coding kit; it’s a brain gym, a logical labyrinth, and a problem-solving playground rolled into one. Ready for the logical leap? ???.



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