Advanced Firefighter

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Dive into thrilling firefighting action with the Fischertechnik Advanced Firefighter playset. Equipped with water sprays and sustainability lessons, it’s perfect for heroic rescues and imaginative adventures.

  • Exciting firefighting action for children’s room.
  • Uses PET bottle(s) as water tank (bottles not included).
  • Includes 4 water sprays for realistic play.
  • Features an air pump to create water pressure.
  • Encourages imaginative play and problem-solving skills.
  • Ideal for kids interested in role-playing and creative adventures.
  • Enhances learning through hands-on exploration.
  • Compatible with other Fischertechnik sets for expanded play options.


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🚒 Dive into thrilling firefighting adventures with the fischertechnik Advanced Firefighter Playset! 🧯 This innovative kit sparks imagination and teaches the importance of sustainability through play. 🌟

Experience the excitement of firefighting with the fischertechnik Advanced Firefighter Playset. 🔥 Equip your little heroes with the tools they need to save the day in this engaging and educational toy set, designed for hours of imaginative play.

Build Realistic Firefighting Scenarios:

🚨 Ignite your child’s imagination with three dynamic firefighting models included in the set. Each model is intricately designed to mimic real-life firefighting vehicles and scenarios, providing an authentic play experience that immerses children in the world of firefighting.

Equip with Water Sprays:

💦Engage in realistic firefighting action with four water sprays included in the kit. Children can simulate extinguishing fires and rescuing people, enhancing their understanding of the firefighting process and fostering a sense of heroism as they save the day in their imaginative play scenarios.

Promote Sustainability:

🌱  Teach the importance of sustainability as the kit includes an adapter for a standard PET bottle, repurposing it as a water tank.Through play, children learn about recycling and the multiple uses of everyday objects, promoting environmental consciousness and responsibility in a fun and interactive way.

Educational Fun:

📚 Encourage learning through hands-on play as children explore the relationship between air and water pressure while operating the fire hose. The kit offers a fun and interactive way to introduce scientific concepts and foster critical thinking skills, making learning an enjoyable experience.

Versatile Adventures:

🚒 With the included figurine, fischertechnik, kids can embark on thrilling missions and adventures, fostering creativity and imagination as they create their own firefighting scenarios. Whether playing solo or with friends, the Advanced Firefighter Playset offers endless opportunities for imaginative play and cooperative fun.

Join the firefighting fun and let your little ones become heroes with the fischertechnik Advanced Firefighter Playset! 🎮🔥


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